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  • 《雾都孤儿》金句赏析

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    《雾都孤儿》金句赏析 《雾都孤儿》是英国作家狄更斯于1838年出版的长篇写实小说。该作以雾都伦敦为背景,讲述了一个孤儿悲惨的身世及遭遇。主人公奥利弗在孤儿院长大,经历学徒生涯,艰苦逃难,误入贼窝,又被迫与狠毒的凶徒为伍,历尽无数辛酸,最后在善良人的帮助下,查明身世并获得了幸福。以下是其经典句子赏析:

    1.He ate the food and wine in the stomach would turn into bile,blood clotting into the ice ,the heart as hard as iron .

    2.In indent his narrow bunks,still willing that's his coffin,he can be at peace in the church are buried in the fields,the tall weeds on his head lightly swaying,dark antique clock plays,soothe yourself forever.

    3.Human nature is so wonderful, the same good quality never favoritism, either in the finest gentleman who develop, they can be the most foul charity school student body grow.

    4.Some strong-willed person subjected to the test of time parting showed admirable obedience and fortitude. 

    5.But we will not admit that our modern artistic claim to absolute originality is really a claim to absolute unsociability; a claim to absolute loneliness.

    6.Human nature is so wonderful , the same good quality never favoritism , either in the finest gentleman who develop , they can be the most foul charity school student body grow.

    7.Some strong-willed person subjected to the test of time parting showed admirable obedience and fortitude .With people that are determined to be tested and death showed an enviable comply with bravery.

    8.“Please, Sir, I want some more.” Oliver, asking the cook at the workhouse for more gruel.

    9.Sometimes, a kind of music, a secluded place of the water, the fragrance of a flower, even the mention of a familiar word, suddenly aroused some vague memories, reminiscent of some life there had not been the scene, they would like a breeze to scatter, as if suddenly wake up to a long parting, happy memories, but the memories alone is contemplating couldn't remember the.

    10.Crying is our God given human nature, but how many people have such a small age will cause in the presence of God poured out tears so reluctantly. It was a cold, gloomy night. In the child's eyes, the stars seem farther from the ground than they see. The wind did not play, the dim shadows cast on the ground, silent, sullen look.
    哭是上帝赋予我们的天性——但又有多少人小小年纪就会有如此的理由在上帝面前勉强倾洒出这般泪水。 这是一个寒冷的阴沉的夜晚。在孩子的眼里,星星距离地面也似乎比看到的更过遥远。风未起,昏暗的树影投射在地面上,寂静无声,显得阴气沉沉。

    11.All this, and the countless eyes and smiles, countless thoughts and words, I'd like to record.

    12.“Good-bye dear! God bless you!”’ …Dick told Oliver on his way to London, which warmed Oliver’s heart and gave him courage.

    13.When someone dies, there are always a few people would have thought: a lot of things was ignored, many things could do; how many things forgotten, and more things have been unable to" save -- sufficient visible, usually treats people need is just too late to regret; there is nothing more frustrating; please let us remember that as early as possible, so as not to suffer the pain.

    14.Fagin smiled and shook O liver’s hand.The n all The young gentlemen came up to him and shook both his hands very hard, especially the hand which held his few possessions. 

    15.‘Of a broken heart, I was told.’And a tear rolled down O liver’s  cheek.

    16.The night was bitterly cold. A sharp wind whipped the fallen snow up into the air and blew it into every hole and corner. It was a night for the homeless to lie down and die; and for luckier people to sit close to their fires and thank God They were at home.

    17.'We can meet people who know about these things. I'd like to be the leader of some gang, if there's a good profit to be made in that kind of work. 'Noah felt very pleased with himself, and looked forward to an easy life of crime in the capital.

    18.He could forget his own terror in this new danger, and he worked all night with the crowd, shouting, running and working together to stop the flames【英语翻译学习网(enfanyi.com)你的英语学习好帮手】 destroying more buildings.

    19.In the morning the mad excitement was over, and the dreadful memory of his crime returned-more terrifying than ever. In desperation, he decided to go back to London.

    20.O liver Twist was born in a workhouse,and when he arrived in this hard world, it was very doubtful whether he would live beyond the first three minutes. He lay on a hard little bed and struggled to start breathing.

    21.After all,death was a common event in the workhouse,where only the poor and homeless lived.

    22.His mother raised her pale young face from the pillow and whispered, ‘Let me see the child, and die.‘

    23.‘It’s just that I’m so lonely, sir!’ said the child. ‘Everybody hates me. Please don’t be angry with me, sir!’