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  • 《鲁滨逊漂流记》金句赏析

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    核心提示:《鲁滨逊漂流记》是英国作家丹尼尔·笛福的一部长篇小说。该书首次出版于1719年4月25日。该作主要讲述了主人公鲁滨逊·克鲁索(Robinson Crusoe)出生于一个中产阶级家庭,一生志在遨游四海。一次在去非洲航海的途中遇到风暴,只身漂流
    《鲁滨逊漂流记》金句赏析 《鲁滨逊漂流记》是英国作家丹尼尔·笛福的一部长篇小说。该书首次出版于1719年4月25日。该作主要讲述了主人公鲁滨逊·克鲁索(Robinson Crusoe)出生于一个中产阶级家庭,一生志在遨游四海。一次在去非洲航海的途中遇到风暴,只身漂流到一个无人的荒岛上,开始了段与世隔绝的生活。他凭着强韧的意志与不懈的努力,在荒岛上顽强地生存下来,经过28年2个月零19天后得以返回故乡。以下是其经典句子赏析。

    1.My filial son, and abandoned parents, not the bounden duty of God to punish me so quickly, really fair and just. 

    2.Man in the reign of God, when the limit of human understanding and narrow the scope of knowledge, it is the supreme good. 

    3.I drifted at sea for so many days, it is enough, just quietly for a few days, the danger of the past memories.

    4.Start time to do one thing, if not pre-calculate how much expense, if it is their strength in advance to make a correct estimate, then it is stupid.

    5.At this time, the advice of my parents, my father's tears and mother's prayer, have poured into my mind.

    6.Every time we ship fell into the vortex wave, I think we will not hesitate to overturn sink 
    Harbour no longer floating up.

    7.That night, I enjoy drinking nonsense, to repent for their past actions and reflection, and the future under the determination, all thrown into the winds go. 

    8.Soon after, I control his own impulses, not to those decent The idea of a comeback. 

    9.In short, the storm is over, the sea and calm as a mirror, I The mind also will be wiped out chaotic thoughts, fear of being swallowed by the sea of fear has disappeared, I am eager Airlines Desire to sea again in my heart.

    10.God saw that I do not repent, it was decided not to forgive To punish me, and this is entirely my own making, are without excuse. 

    11.Because, the family heard that I take the boat were killed in Yarmouth Anchorage Sank, and later after a long learned that I was not buried inside the fish. 

    12.But I'm not entirely bad luck of, which forced an irresistible force I do not repent.

    13.However, every time I make a fate The worst choice, this time is no exception.

    14.One morning, we sea fishing. Weather was clear and calm sea.

    15.Two or three places, in our passing boat, you can see some people standing on the shore looking at us; the same time can see They are naked, covered in jet black. 

    16.I recognize tacitly heaven's will of arrangement, now my beginning occupy this kind of arrangement, start believe the whole arrangement is already the best. 

    17.My temper want decision to do an affair, not success will never let go

    18.Afraid of the risk of psychological risk than their more frightening!

    19.Begun to do one thing, if you need to calculate in advance how much the price, if it were not for its own efforts in advance of a correct estimate, it is really foolish.  

    20.When a person Huoshi period alone, even more miserable than those encountered Huoshi more, especially when a person can not expect that out of this frame of mind in a state of anxiety.  一个人时时期待着祸事,比遭遇到祸事还要苦些,尤其是当一个人无法摆脱这种期待,这种担惊受怕的心情的时候。
    21.In fear of making their decision how ridiculous ah! Any reason to provide them all the way to protect themselves, once the heart of fear got the upper hand, they do not know how to use them the way.  

    22.Most people tend to have a common problem is that the nature of God and arrange for them to get regular dissatisfied with the environment. As I see it, they are all suffering, at least half of this common problem. 

    23.We can see that in general, need to see more of the bad environment will not be able to understand the environmental benefits of the original; have to fall into the failed state, do not know how to value the original to enjoy themselves.  

    24. Ganjizhixin I often sit down to eat with, and respect for the birth of God's moral, because he was in the wilderness in Germany thanks to my rich all right. I know I have to pay attention to the situation in the bright side, less attention to its dark side; more thought to what I enjoy the less I have to think of the lack of it. This attitude was at times so I was kind of heartfelt consolation, it is virtually impossible to express in words. ... ... I think we need to get things dissatisfied groups are about as a result has been a lack of things Ganjizhixin.  

    25.The human feelings, often there is a hidden motive, which was once the driving force behind a goal to attract a visible, although some were Huoshi can not see, but imagine this will work out the goal of attracting, to be A push forward the power of the soul of our warmest regards to the goal of bashing in the past, can not achieve this objective, we will have to tell us can not stand the pain.  

    26.My father is willing to completely disregard, even defy fuming, totally did not listen to the mother and begged friends discouraged. I have this instinct, it seems doomed to a tragic fate of my future.

    27. In particular, in this unfortunate situation, God guide me to know him, for his blessing, it gave me great comfort. This happy enough to compensate I have suffered and may suffer from all have more unfortunate.

    28.God do this to me, there was no fair and just. If I do continue my life at that time, Maybe I can become a millionaire too! 

    【爱英语 爱生活 爱上英语翻译学习网(enfanyi.com)分享时尚英语资讯】29.This tends to destroy the false idea of the most thoughtful businessman.

    30.However, I been driven by fate, blindly follow their own delusions, but lost the sense of the window.